Reviews for "{Big Boss}"


I loved the drums man .... that made the song really kick@$$! The hits were real good but it would of been better if you only used them as build up not throughout the whole song but damn nice job on this one! Check out my latest track Exoticly EXTREME! 5/5

Good boss music

dude, ian, you did pretty good on this. i agree with sadspoon, that its the drums that make the song so good. i think thats its really awesome music for a boss battle most deff. i uploaded a song onto ng that you should check out. its not done but im working on it, just a preview.

This is very Unique dude!

this is one of them songs that just revolutionizes a genre and your on the right track with it my friend! The only complaint i have is the length of the song. Maybe you can make a long version with some of the main beat sections twice as long maybe. I really like when it kicks in about 37 secs and the one after that as well. those are well done areas that i wouldnt mind hearing a little longer. Anywayz keep up the fantastic work!

Great piece of tunage keep 'em coming

Wow you've done excellently with this, I Think sadspoon hit on something about the Orch Hits, but still they were wisely used and you've really nailed the whole Boss theme music with this, what with the brief build up, and the many layers of sound that's occuring adds lots of depth to this (naturally) This is awesome on the ear

Dude keep rolling those tunes out!

Peace Out!


come check by my stuff I'd love see what you think


This is a very awesome and fits in for boss music, the organs were great at the begin, and musicgets a little calm after that which is great so it wont distract too much if it was used in gameplay. Wonderful job.

cornandbeans responds:


I was going for an old school feel. Like Final Fantasy, you know? Actually I have a FF soundfont that I used on here for the organs.. It's pretty sweet, eh? :D