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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

Your color palette, animation style, music, and basically everything were amazing in this animation! I especially love how smooth and detailed this animation is. How long did this take and how many frames was it? You also work amazingly well with shadows. The cosmonaut falling through the unknown vortex was like an Acid Trip and it's a trip I would gladly go on again. Great animation!

Such a soothing animation. A real treat to look at!

What an incredibly delightful animation! :) I especially loved the movement of the spaceship. It was really amusing. Wonderful choice of music, too. :) Everything, from the art to the music, is simple and cute. It all pulls together very well. Perfect score, hands down! :)

I can't really describe how...Familiar..this feels. I feel like I have seen the man falling somewhere, long before now...

Really imaginative and chill. I loved the simplicity of the animation and how extremely well it flowed with the song (which was also very well done I might add).