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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

I enjoyed everything about this. The fluidity of the lines, the concept, choice in music, the color. This was very well executed; so well done. Shared and added to my favorites, so that others who I know will love it can see it too. Thank you for creating this.

Your color palette, animation style, music, and basically everything were amazing in this animation! I especially love how smooth and detailed this animation is. How long did this take and how many frames was it? You also work amazingly well with shadows. The cosmonaut falling through the unknown vortex was like an Acid Trip and it's a trip I would gladly go on again. Great animation!

Incredible, it's everything I love in an animation. Very warm and atmospheric, with lush visual that are both detailed and simplistic. Expressive movements that speak volumes louder than any dialogue could. And it takes you away from your seat in front of a computer into a world fueled with pure imagination. This whole endeavor feels so sincere. All n all, great job. :)

The effects and animation in this are sick! Very different and amazing! Good Work!

Was nice but got a bit flat feeling once we hit the vortex with him spinning, had to suck for him to be stuck spinning in the same exact manner while all of that cool stuff was going by him!