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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

I'm in love with the colors you use, they are so... intense

I love the minimalistic style, with the color and design. Really nice animation, with the music this was really enjoyable!

Damnit! I don't like having to add new favorites. 'Far Away' was awesome, actually liked the animation better in that one; but you (or your group) have something really special going on. And to be able to do very different styles while maintaining a constant theme is no easy task.

The colors brought to mind some of the end scenes of 2001. Guessing that was an inspiration?

I'm curious, are you going to do a full album or EP (if any of the youngsters even know what that is these days) and have a different style of animation for each song? From what I've seen so far it would certainly rock :)

Keep up the great work...voted a 5 but on here have to give you a 4.5 - because there is no such thing as perfection; however, there is such a thing as truly creative art.

I friggin' LOVE the art style you've gone for. Great little short!
Definitely following you for more.

love it, good job!