Reviews for "Santa Run 2"


Why all medal is secret medal or you dont have a piture

Thats so addicitve. I must to be there in time.

Merry Christmas! The game was fun! I love challenging games like these! I love Santa Claus with his little red car, the game mechanics was great the controls were flawless and was not difficult its great controls for time games, and also I love that star wallpaper in the background with faces! The music and design was spot on perfect! Merry Christmas and good job on working on this game!
( I did a lets play)


Fun game as always. I liked the new additions, but this one didnt seem as hard as the first one. Sure it was tricky but going for the speedrun was a lot easier, I still wasted a few hours on this game just like the last one so obviously this is still a good attention grabber.