Reviews for "Santa Run 2"

Awesome Game!!! I <3 It 8/10 :D Even do ''Santa Run'' The original was better :)

Wow, an excellent game! Demanding difficult and great music. I like this, 5/5 :)

This is a great Game! Better than the first even, in my opinion! Definitely challenging, yet also very addicting as well. This Game REALLY tests your memory, your perception (spotting certain areas/shortcuts ahead of time, etc) AND patience.

Like the previous Game, I thought the Graphics were solid and colorful, the Music was both nice and catchy (Though could've been a TAD more Christmas themed), Sound Effects were top-notch and Santa making the ground shake whenever he jumps is STILL funny! Also, I loved the addition of both the Reindeer and Cars. How could I not smile seeing Santa driving a red car? Hahaha :D

The only thing keeping me from giving this a perfect score are two flaws I had with this Game.
First flaw was that the balloons would sometimes get stuck in-between a narrow path. And since literally EVERY second counts in this Game, a flaw that subtracts a couple is a biggie in my opinion.
The second flaw is that in level 7 when you would jump on a Reindeer, sometimes it would STILL kill you!

But regardless, this is STILL an Awesome little Christmas-themed Game. One that I highly enjoy and love playing around Christmas time especially. ...Gets me even more into the Christmas Spirit actually. :D Highly looking forward to a possible third installment next Christmas! Keep up the Fantastic work and Merry Christmas! ^_^

P.S. To those who are giving this Game a low score and leaving angry/hateful comments simply because you can't beat it -yet are blaming the timer as to WHY you can't- here's what I have to say...QUIT BEING A BUNCH OF WHINY-ASS BABIES!!! This Game IS beatable y'know! Even IF you die a couple of times! This Game isn't meant to be beaten in a single playthrough!

whileworking responds:

Yes sir, you dig it! :)

Controls are solid, pretty hard game but still fun, but dude, where 's the pause button?? i'm trying to play this game in the office, but i gotta pause when someone is about to walk by!

The balloons behave in a really weird way. I kinda get the springy motion you were going for, but I feel like I should be able to either springload them to get them to go higher, or not have my weight hinder them nearly so much, or have them go upwards or downwards unbounded--it's kind of weird to have them oscillate around a specific point. I get why they behave that way, in a level design kind of way, but the appearance of balloons is not a good way to communicate their workings to the player. But then again, this game was never about skill and quick assessment, was it? It's all memorization.