Reviews for "Pine"

Unless... Aliens.

Thought this was great...Your art style is unique, the animation was fluid. Piper and SirUndead's voice acting sounded crisp and believable. I thought cutting to the credits, with the sounds of the tree being chopped down, and then back to the animation was a nice touch to get the true message across in those last couple of seconds. The guys words kind of haunt you for a moment. Nice work, you've made me a favorite of yours with this.

i think i might understand whats going on, well done i love watching stuff that makes me think

The art was cool, but it ended kind of abruptly and the message pissed me off. Since when is killing things better just because it helps you? Reminds me of a documentary I saw about the ivory trade in China. Elephants all over Africa are being slaughtered for their tusks, and this ivory dealer was all like, "the elephant's tusk is being made into a sacred image of the Buddha, so I can only imagine the elephant must have smiled as it died." Nonsense! Killing something is, by definition, disrespectful to the thing, lol. If you need to chop down trees to build a fire so you can survive, great, but don't pretend you're somehow giving the tree purpose. BAH! That's just typical human egoism.

Anyway, not to rant, but you inspired a few moments of rage. Had to vent a bit. :P

dylan responds:

not really about the tree

side note: that tree was totes dead by the time the girl got to it, evergreens don't shed their leaves for nothing. Freshly dead trees don't make for good firewood anyways, gotta let that shit dry out for like 6 months, maybe more if you're in a wintery climate.

this still doesn't change that humans take and don't give back.

dylan responds:

or does it?