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Reviews for "Breadheads"

great work, animation work is very sick and so much detail...then it sucks to say that the audio could have been better, because it had some painful sounds and clippings...
This work looks allot like an old anime movie is used to watch called "Cannon Fodder: Memories (1995)". Memories contained 3 short movies in which Cannon Fodder.

Run bread man,run,but you can never escape....

The art, sound, music and animation were topnotch and I enjoyed them immensely. Backgrounds somehow reminded me of Daymare town, characters of Aeon Flux.

But the... breadhead thing... was kind of stupid. It was rather comical. I guess there can be found some symbolic meaning and such.

Very mind disturbing, but great animation. Lots of work, I guess.
Thanks for sharing.
Keep the good work!

so yeah