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Reviews for "Breadheads"


Great story! The animation style was fantastic and was a quality short film!
I love the dystopic world and use of warm colours! The sound was also of a high quality.

Thanks for making today's portal worth scanning !

codywalzel responds:

My pleasure, thanks for watching!

This is a high quality animation with good length and story.

I'd like to think that this is a fictional world where they were actually turning into bread; but, was your interpretation that is was only a hallucination?

codywalzel responds:

I agree, in my head it is a product of a chemical warfare. This fictional world appreciates form over function, so there is an abundance of a kind of fun and unnecessarily creative violence. Additionally, the breadhead's mutation was only physical, so they experience the same fear and pain that you or I would. Seeing as how the emotional arc of cannibalism is the same whether transformation or hallucination is the cause, I opted for the more fun option.

However, I've gotten into weird, tangential arguments with people about how a work of fiction belongs to the interpretation of the viewer once it leaves the hands of the artist, and other such goofy debates. Basically, people have told me that they choose to view it as a hunger crazed mirage.

May the viewer enjoy whatever tone speaks to them most loudly.

im not sure what was going on but those people where turning into bread.....

THUMBNAIL: oh look it waz funny vid
MOVIE: holy, I'm never eating bread AGAIN !!!

This is amazing, beautiful the story telling the animations so good!