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Reviews for "Qumi-Qumi "Boss in Love""

I allready can't wait for the next episoden xD Love it!

I really liked this. I think it's probably because it just seems like a bunch of random stuff is going on at first. I don't even know why she was turned into a giant octopus, but it all made sense by the end. At least sweets are something people associate with Christmas. The animation and voices were quite good. I can see this becoming popular like Pingu, you know, a foreign show with no real words.

Or were those really Russian words? I don't know much about the language. When you're the only girl around, guys tend to fall in love with you. I felt bad for the cupcake guy at the end. Maybe I've been watching too much "Adventure Time".

Haha, another great episode! Romance, drama, action, comedy... a mashup of all forms of entertainment. Great animation, great sound, great everything. Keep it going!


This is very bizarre, but I kind of like it.

Russian "Adventure time"