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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Good game.Don't need click,just mouse.Simple/I like it!

This is not the fun kind of addicting, entirely. It's an OCD kind of addicting. The idea is great, and everything functions properly, but the game is really not good for anyone with OCD.

The constant, ever-increasing speed of the money appearing made me feel as if I can't stop for anything, even to click through the very, very slow scrolling upgrades. If there were a pause button so the screen wouldn't get mental-anguish-inducingly cluttered, and the upgrades scrolled faster, the game would be that much closer to perfect!

Even though it bugged me a bit, it's still reasonably fun to play, and I assume people without OCD would fare much better and enjoy themselves more.

lack of plot
why not making 2 kind of business ?
1 way is good
1 way is evil
each medal for each way
well it's just a simple plot
but it gives more interesting side
and make the game bit unique

This is exactly how the secret societies function and control our minds

Second time of playing this!

Could do with even more upgrades and maybe slaves huehuehuehue :D