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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Simple, fun, and quick.
(But really you couldn't just fit all three of the upgrades on one page)

Liked it

Not bad. Kind of like those idle games I play way too many of :)

Seriously? There are THREE upgrades available and you couldn't fit all of them on the screen?

A quick addiction. :) Was thinking this would be one of those games I could just let run by itself, but there's always something to merit continued clicking, varied upgrades and boxes and cash to collect. And once you start earning lots of money... you REALLY start earning lots of money! The ending was almost too fast, but until then it was an entertaining grind. Nicely done.

Only one flaw of design, IMO: that while clicking the boxes, or collecting money from the bank, or selecting an upgrade, the magnet momentarily seizes to work. Was also hoping there'd be an even stronger upgrade for the magnet before it was all over, would've been a nice reward right before the end. Overall, great game! Thanks for the entertainment.