Reviews for "Scaredy Dave: Episode 1"

A very well done parody if I have ever seen one. Nice job!

nice animations and smooth sounds , nice music

that was very well done. smooth animation, humor spot on. keep it up!

awesome stuff, watched the 2 episodes and its awesome ...

One thing thou ....whats with the 2 triangles at Dave's eye ?? dont geit it ...what is that ?

5\5 !!!

ScaredyDave responds:

Haha it was a style choice I made, kinda reminiscent slightly of Dexter's lab. But it got a little out of control, the newer episodes hes going to have normal looking frames (his eyes will still move the same way, but he wont have "fins" anymore lol)

The acting was great, the graphical appearances are great, and Scissorman all in one Flash Animation. I just love this for the fact of Scissorman.