Reviews for "Scaredy Dave: Episode 1"

Haha this is so great.
Looks like you've definitely played Clock Tower before hehe :D
I really like your animation style and execution.
The only thing that could use some polishing is the audio quality. Maybe a better vocal mic or something.
Other than that though, this animation is fun to watch.
Keep up the awesome work man.
I'll be on the look out for your next submission.

This promises so much!

Before wirting proper review I gotta say HOLY HORSE ON A STICK! (I said something way dirtier but lets keep the appearance)

The animation was superb, great mouth animation, also loved the way you portraitd one of the best scarry game ever on SNES, as in more livelike version of teh original.

The audio was pretty much awesome, first I thought that you have a bad mic or soemthing, but then realised it, whether planed or not, it fit greatly into being camcorded, making the experience more realistic (as said before, appearances are important, even in a horror spoof!).

The idea itself is marvelous, the beginning showed perfectly what you aim at, the main character is drawn very clear - a man who just wants to live in an apartment. All the Clock Tower references were hit on, the music, the scissors sound, the dumb animal telling on you. I also gotta say the ending was great, it made me yearn for more very much.

Thanks for proper ending that scissor running hunched a**hole, finally someone showing how to deal with it the way its meant to be.

Nice animation it looks like it will be a great series, I truthfully liked everything from the art style, to the volume, and the humor plus the fact that the ghosts and/or monsters are from games is pretty cool. I also got a gut feeling who (if he is a game character) the Big Bad Ghost is. Anyway I can't wait to see more from you.

Hey that was awesome! Funny story and I thought the animation was very well done. Also the presentation was great. Sometime the intro and end credits need just as much attention as everything else. Having said that... the audio, mostly the voice audio, needs ajusting. If your doing this in Flash than I should be easy to change the sound quality in the preferences. Keep em comming or screaming or whatever.

ScaredyDave responds:

Yeah audio has always been my downfall. I gotta get better equipment and work on that, hopefully it will be better in future episodes!