Reviews for "Thσ Purplσ Truth"

wow.....deep meaning game......if you are reading this,that mean you didn't focus on the game,right?

Simply beautiful and extraordinarily deep. Though only the patient will be rewarded and I myself like that a lot.

Reminds me not of Zeno (as the slowmotion here is absolute, not relative), but of Protagoras: "man is the measure of all things, of the things that are that they are, of the things that are not that they are not." However, that's not exactly the same as this ending and though your ending is somewhat thought-provoking, I find it a little weak; somewhat too easy.

4 star only because I was not prepared for so much zen.
Recommend to play until "Listen to Yourself" at least!
The Ending make me wonder why I fail so many exams :p

Actually not too bad. The interesting part is that I might not have had the patience to go through the entire thing if I hadn't read some of the reviews and realized it was going to take a while. Or, rather, I might have just dismissed the entire thing as a joke, prank, or random piece of junk. It provoked a little thought, and there were a few brief seconds where I became aware of a kind of meditative quality to watching the ball move so slowly. As a game, there's not really much to it, and even though I wouldn't call the ending cliche, I'm pretty sure it's been done, but I still liked it.