Reviews for "Thσ Purplσ Truth"


the game was to slow and the jumping was a bit lack, the art was nice and the story looked good but the whole thing was a let down

Wrong, the nswer is 42!

(After finishing the game) Artsy games can either be really good or really bad. In this case, I don't think the artistic side was worth the lack of quality game play. Ambiguity is only useful if you leave enough breadcrumbs for people to either figure out what you're trying to say, or extrapolate logical possibilities with the given information and insert their own meaning. Just saying "the truth" is not enough. All in all I can see that it was an honest effort, but it just wasn't well designed. Even some of the most ambiguous works of art can provoke intelligent discussion, but only when the ambiguity has an intentional, thought out place in the work. This just seems like it's being ambiguous for the sake of being ambiguous as if that alone makes it artistic. It does not. Half a star for the decent visuals.

Methamphetabear responds:

It's not a game, bro. It's for meditation.

The tempo of the game is so slooooooow...