Reviews for "Thσ Purplσ Truth"

Graphics were okay.
Gameplay is the lamest version of Zeno's "Dichotomy Paradox".
(The longer you go, the slower you go. So in this case for every cross you jump, you go twice as slow).
First cross = speed equals 1
Second cross = speed equals 1/2
Third cross = speed equals 1/4
Fourth cross = speed equals 1/8... and so on into infinite lameness.

Methamphetabear responds:

thx for the theory bro~!

Way. Too. Long. Could it have gone a little bit faster? Or had something entertaining along the way?

"Short self-exploration game."

Awesome troll job.

I can't tell if it's just lagging or if the little play button is really going that slowly. Am I just jumping crosses at a snail's pace or does something else happen? I feel like an hour will have gone by before I reach The Truth. It would be interesting to put a challenge at every cross, perhaps the life of who is under it? It had potential but it lost me at the first twenty minutes. The hook wasn't enticing enough. I want to play it, but the faith needed to soldier through this is not what I have.

The slowest game I've ever played in my life.