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Reviews for "Pocahantas"

Fuck! It's like a Shad stole some Disney magic and mixed it with his art work!

This is seriously epic! ^_^

Omg... I'm in love ;)



Wow okay this one right here is really nice. I like the way you have "CAPTURED" the kind of "COLORING" is just like that of a disney film or reel. I like the way you've recaptured this in the tone and the shading. The shading really seems to be something you're best at. I like the way she is looking over the shoulder slightly as well. The position of her bum over the back and the head looking over is something really "CLASSY" for a sexy pose of this gorgeous body type. The way you recreated her face and "FACIAL-EXPRESSION" is good as well, the overall smile and lips just like that of the disney film. The necklace and the outfit being slightly visiable was also a nice touch and something good. Even the tattoo on her arm is very good and movie accurate. I think the thong is great because it is just like something she would wear. I know she wouldn't have a thong, but the way you made it look like her dress was a nice touch. I even enjoyed the background you have here of her sitting inside a room, but wouldn't it be better to have her in a forest setting or something more to suit the outfit you have picked out? I think that overall it is a great piece of work and classy to not show too much, as she isn't really a sexual character when you think about her, but all women have needs and she makes you want to "FULFILL" her needs.

Change your background to fit the setting of this outfit and theme