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Reviews for ""Money Maker!""

I rarely review anything on here but since this is so great I just had to make one.
Ever since I first watched Philip's Song back in 2010 I said to myself "Man, this dude is a astonishing animator, he should make more stuff!" Then I immediately clicked that little heart next to your icon. I've actually been waiting for you to release something new for quite some time now. And now you present me with this wonderful piece of work.
I am actually speechless on how well all of this is structured. The music is just spot on with the animation and it goes extremely well with it. It has this sort of sky-ish/dreamy atmosphere and I am a huge fan of that.
I love the wobbling buildings in that one scene. It's just so morph-y and fluid AND EXTREMELY FUN TO LOOK AT! It kind of reminds me of Catoblepas in a way. You've drastically improved your animation skills after that Philip's Song flash. My only complaint, though, would be that it was a lot shorter than I'd expected it to be. Which made me sad. Though, I can imagine how much time and effort took you to animate this, so overall, it was pretty fucking impressive, and you deserve A LOT more fans than you currently have. Amazing job!

Jaime-R responds:

Thanks so much for enjoying. :D Sorry for the long wait, but I've been busy with too many things pulling me every which way all at once. Along the way I was commissioned to do this music vid, and I wanted it to be something that'd blow anything I've done before out of the water. I wanted to get all these spacey ideas I've had out there to amaze all. The ride may be brief, but it is a sweet one! I got more stuff that I'll put up (hopefully) soon!

dude thats pretty damn amazing

Really nice stuff man, love the flowing animations. Should definitely finish this song and do more like this to different tracks, something by someone like Aphex Twin or Autechre would be really cool I'm sure.

fucking legit, those zooming visuals and swirly wirlies made me feel weird. It's kinda sad though - it sounds like the guy thinks money = love.

Holy shit. Dem animation