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Reviews for ""Money Maker!""

Catchy yet short.
The animation was pretty amazing though.

That was awesome and I could tell it took a long time to animate. It felt trippy and the audio was perfect. It flowed nicely and I wanted more.

I love the audio man!

please tell me you will release the backround music and the actual song used?!

id love to have them :D


nigg be talking bout all dem hoes nd cash he got !8!! tha originul creaturd muhfuguh

On the graphic side it is outstandingly fluid and clay like.
The scenes transition are really tripy and look like a living blolb changing form (kinda).
the whole world is like a colorful jelly desert in front of a massive subwoofer.

Also watching the movie frame by frame make you truly appreciate the 50% of the hilarious faces you don't normally have the time to see.

Loved it !

Jaime-R responds:

Haha thanks, I really like doing that, too. Watching animation frame by frame was how I learned about smears and stretches. Good for fast movement, but makes the faces look mad weird.

The load time was actually really short for me. Loaded right away.

So, like, where's the rest? lol Seriously I wanted to hear and watch the whole thing. You really grabbed my attention with the composition and animation.