Reviews for "The Man Who Won't Rhyme"

Damn, this is deep. This brought alot of feels, that's for sure.

lots of talent here
this Movie shares good things with us here. this is awesome as well. keep it up
Peace Out

I've been on Newgrounds 3 years. And I've never found anything worth writing a review for, as amazing as the flash movies on this site are, nothing stimulated the raw emotion I felt at the end of this short flash. This is amazing. I hope you make more. 5 stars for you sir. You are a genius.

Not to sound cliche with the "I haven't reviewed ever" gimmick. But it has been a damn long while since I have. This is honestly, probably the most powerful flash animation I have ever seen.

this is my favorite NG movie this year i think! it was done really well. the narration was amazing and a ending leaving you saying, 'woah, dude' shocking i must say but loved it all the same.
its not homophobia as some would say, it was potential, then loss and giving it away. a tragic story if i ever heard one.