Reviews for "The Man Who Won't Rhyme"

Wow. Just wow. How could he do that to that innocent man and his nepthew people can be horrible love is love

I'm writing a review mostly because of a previous review that also gave this a high rating. In addition to giving 5 stars, RadicalEdward13 also made a suggestion for an alternate version with different content and a happy ending. I won't go into the specifics of his suggestion, but I did want to address the issue of a happy ending versus the currently unhappy ending.

It is because this ending is unhappy that it is more memorable than one might usually expect. It's a sad story about someone who lost himself as a result of society, or at least a portion of society, forcing their values upon him. The point of the story isn't to make someone feel good. The point might not even be for the story to be entertaining, though it did accomplish that admirably while setting the stage for its true purpose. The point of the story is to make the audience stop, and think, and wonder: Why? Why did this boy with a shining future in front of him have to have such a sad end?

In the asking of this question, one might hope a useful answer would present itself. Such as the idea that some individuals can be unfairly oppressed for a variety of reasons, and that it can have severe consequences on their life. There's undoubtedly other such answers too. But why does it matter, the asking of this question?

Because whatever answer one arrives at, perhaps something more sublime can be achieved. Maybe they'll realize there's something they want to protect, whether for their own benefit or the benefit of others, to try to ensure that such a sad story is less likely to happen.

The point of this video isn't to entertain or make people feel good. It's to get them to think, and hopefully inspire them to act as a positive influence upon other people around them. And honestly, I think it has probably done so many times already. And will continue doing so in the future.

It's a good video indeed. Well worth the few minutes it takes to watch.

5 stars for a good reason. Best flash I'v seen through the coarse of this season.

There should be an alternate version of this. Maybe Bro should be Dude's friend instead of his boyfriend. Maybe Dude will learn that he shouldn't be afraid to be different, and maybe he changes his reputation to "I can sing a great tune, I can rhyme a sweet verse. And so, for this world, I WILL." And at the end, he doesn't die. He'll perform when he realizes that it's okay to be special. You should do that.

This is a masterpiece. A work or art.