Reviews for "The Man Who Won't Rhyme"

;_; so beautiful but so hurtful and true, 5 stars from this review.

im thinking is this turning gay? but really great

So touched.... Everybody deserves EQUAL RIGHTS!!!

So many feels.. Very well done.

I gotta say, this is one of newgrounds best stories which I highly find moving. I find it strange how alot of people don't realize their hypocrites when it comes to differential hating. Even within stereotypes, people are completely different. People learn and people regret, but people should open their mind before a dreadful event. Teach right learn wrong, teach wrong learn corrupt. It is through generations people's mind grow disrupt. I guess the moral of this review can be, don't hate and stop judging what is in our reality. This movie is cool and I enjoyed it quite much. Now, sadly, to see people go back to lecturing others in a bunch. Who care's if these were originally from Mars? I give this film a rating of 5 stars.