Reviews for "The Man Who Won't Rhyme"

We hope you enjoyed, The Twilight Zone! jk. But this did feel a bit like it.

Depressed level OVER 9000!!!!!

Wow! This hurt emotionally and was very thought provoking.....so good!

Kinda dark, but still pretty solid. Good job!

The voice acting of TomaMoto is outstanding as usual.
And so is the animation.

But the "plot" and characters ?

It's tap water quality.
Awfully stereotypical ! I'm almost surprised you din't make the uncle descriminate against a non white american person.

Sure stereotype can be fun and i won't deny the amusing parts like the shop scene or some of the uncle "wisdom".

But i see that scenario so often it feel like propaganda.

FrozenFire responds:

Confederate Fred is a character ripped from Relive Your Life 2, which has pretty 2Dimensional characters. There's actually a lot more to the story btw