Reviews for "The Man Who Won't Rhyme"

Good vĂ­deo cool review EthanAlways :3

great story, animation, art... and very sad indeed. Great job

Amazing animation, art, and story! I can't find anything bad in it. I really don't understand why some people hate gay people. And I really, really don't understand how people could murder that poor guy just because he was different. There need to be more flashes like this. They give the serious message of intolerance in a clear and understandable context. Maybe if more people saw it, the world would open its mind just a little bit more.

amazing, its such a sad, yet heart warming story, and in a sense, its true, because people have been, and are ashamed of being LGBTQ and they shouldnt! I have lots of LGBTQ friends, and they are all completely social beings who i greatly enjoy hanging around with! 5/5 no doubt man, you rock!

Perfect. Just perfect.