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Reviews for "Together"

Unique? I guess some people don't realize there's hundreds of these games on here. And plenty that are far better then this. It's average at best.

The game itself is good, but let's NOT pretend it's unique. Thomas was Alone does the same thing, and you should know it.
The game is good, it's nearly wonderful. The problem is making it look like it's a completely original idea. Saying it was inspired in some game would make it an incredible 4 out of 5. A shame.

Hi there!
Well this game, it's great!
The controls are good, their not difficult to use, and it's music is awesome too!
Although, there is ONE little problem, well...It's not really a problem however...
I have played TONS of games EXACTLY like this, so with the imagination...Not such a high level.
Also, the other part with not a high level is it's difficulty. Yup, this game is way to easy!
Anyway, this is a good game! So carry on with the good work!

It wasn't bad I really enjoyed it. Just one thing was one of the objectives always dupposed to be off screen

very interesting gameplay! good game!