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Reviews for "Party Bueno"

I am so infatuated with the music that I'd legit get the soundtrack.

*Hint hint*

molkman responds:

You can download the soundtrack. Check the description for the link.

i am SO confused right now.... the person i was attracted was kidnapped, and i forget about them, and found a lion, got the private suite..... the music is awesome, but the "storyline" is lacking. i do not know how many "approved" feats there are, but i found 6. good game, i would not change the 2d feel of the sprites, but i would make a clearer storyline for the game.

There's so many bugs that make impossible finish the game on the first run, but still good and the songs are awesome xD

after 10 minutes of loading, i dont care anymore.

Had a great time at the party. Made wicked good vibes, one love. XD