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Reviews for "Party Bueno"

-Really like the background, the colours blended really well.
-The music is awesome, killer singing.
-Enjoyed the "interaction" function.
-Pretty lol watching everyone just bounce up and down.

Caesar Approves!

what the hell is going on, i don't understand, do i dance and talk to non responsive people or is there an objective?

Damn party is good party is bueno! but i wish i could see all the individual party goers, they are lot of them! a lot!

Also the second time playing it, with a different character since it changes each time, 2 bugs happen:
1st there are a bunch of trophies everywhere.
2nd the closeup on the character (when Caesar is judging you and you are with the lion) expands occupying the whole screen and remains there for the rest of the game, even in the credits, and even after you start a new game, to get rid of this i have to collapse the game and re open it, or refresh the whole page.

Also is there a way to get the love interest, it always gets stolen from me...
Fantastic game by the way, also what happened to Caesar? we are on his run but he is nowhere did the lion eats him XD haha.

Haha this is awesome, what a way to end the year!
It's nice to see all of our new found friends from all of your games throughout the year breaking loose and ripping up the dance floor in this off the wall party adventure.
This submission definitely has a lot of that quirky and off the wall vibes that I have come to look forward to in your games. Great stuff!
Here's hoping we get to see a lot more from you guys in the coming year!

Dang it's been a good year. Time to get down and paaaaaarty
(But actually though, I really like this game.)