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Reviews for "Party Bueno"

I just enter here for the music XD

What a glorious ending for the one-game-a-month-series :D One crazy party!!!! It took me a while, but while playing it the second time, I saw my dude dancing with a bunch of another guys in the corner^^

I'd love to play that soundtrack at my parties *g*

molkman responds:

Thanks! We'll post the soundtrack soon.

What a good idea to throw everyone in. The goal of a game a month was reached, congrats on being super productive and sticking to your goals. Good to see the Big C is still the judge and jury of righteousness. That said, its kinda buggy, but I loved the secrets. I wish more games had been along this theme, and not so many 'bounce this/you/these' , but bravo to your success this year under such time constraints!

I found myself laughing uncontrollably, TWICE. It was also really cool to see my dude dancing. Great Job. If I were to criticize anything, is that it's really buggy. IT WAS BUGGY IN A CHARMING WAY THOUGH. Thanks for the lovely experience.

molkman responds:

Those ain't bugs, but interesting features!

All of your games this year have been super awesome!
I didn't got to the end because I got pushed outside of the levels hitbox in the room with caesar : (
Ill try it another time later though