Reviews for "Earn To Die 2012: Part 2"

when i first saw ''earn to die 2012 part 2'' i was just scrolling down then it cot my eye i scrolled back up i saw it then i said my god :O i played it it was amazing thank you for making another :D

My first thought: After a year we get THIS? Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game - in fact, it's a very good one - I was just expecting better, especially after more than a year since you released part 1. This is just Earn to Die 2012 again with new levels and bigger vehicles(I guess that's why it's named part 2 instead of being Earn to Die 2013). Earn to Die was a good game and Earn to Die 2012 was even better - 2012 wasn't revolutionary, just evolutionary, but it did manage to improve on the original(at least if you agree that multiple levels were an improvement, of which I'm not entirely convinced). This is, if anything, worse than the original 2012. Sure, if you play this right after the original, you get the feeling of increased power, but the bigger vehicles mean more screenspace used for them and for some reason I found the slow-mo more jarring than in either of the previous parts.

I enjoyed the first one, and I had fun with this one too.
It's so simple, yet addicting as well.
I think there needs to be better balancing done with the fuel upgrades though, and while in the slow motion effect your rocket boost drains at regular speed, so it would be nice if that was fixed as well.
Other than that, great game and great job!

5 Stars for your pre-game insta-mute option. Never seen it before, and greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Best time killer I have played.