Reviews for "The Legend of Nylocke"

NOTICE: No Celebrities were harmed during the production of this short. Yes they do sound a lot like Tim Curry and Dio Brando don't they?

Really great as allways! :D
But some times the DK on his belt was upside down.

I have never seen such a great flash in my entire life! Excellent voice acting, plot and development, and it was engaging all the way to the end. It also gave me a sense of nostalgia seeing how it's all based on old videogame RPGs. The only place you could improve would be in the animation/drawings, because everything else here is flawless!

I love you. Marry me.
We shall have a child named Salad Fingers and sally forth on a valiant quest to pilch all the jelly babies from Kasterborous at a full five finger discount.
Nylocke is win, man. good job.

I would be great if you add some other details to character bodies to make them look better, like it very much you selected a nice voice to this video, guess much time was spended on this... Nicee !