Reviews for "The Legend of Nylocke"

I couldn't tell if this animation was meant to be funny or serious. I laughed at times, but paid attention to the plot at others. I'm not sure what's going on the entire episode, that may be my own fault since I haven't watched any of the other animations, but you could do more to explain what's happening.

Is that...Tim Curry i hear?

First off I want to say that the more I hear about tome from you and the way you design and develop your own characters I start to understand this series a bit more and actually appreciate the series a bit more. In all honesty, I am starting to see some improvement in writing and acting as this show went on. When you first started off, you were quite shaky at first and then later on as time flew by you improved quite a bit.

First off the animation, unlike Nylocke's Day Off, this wasn't done completely in the style of a story book and actually had some decent animation to it and the lipsyncing wasn't too bad either. Though I would like to see you try and practice some fight scenes because at times I feel that seeing the sprite-esque characters duke it out can get sort of boring at times. That's why I'd like to see you try and animate a full fight scene for an episode and see how that carries out. Because looking at your "Waltz of the Forest" animation you're great at doing angles which shows that maybe you could try something different for an episode or two. Heck a lot of cartoons or anime have a different style for a certain episode or go an extra length for an episode. But other than that, the animation wasn't half-bad.

The voice acting was superb, indeed. I honestly think that LittleKuriboh proved that he can do dramatic scenes if he was given the chance. I also admired the voices of the newly transformed Devil especially when he gave me that Super Buu (after he had absorbed Gohan, Piccolo and Gotenks) vibe. Also the other guy (who's name already escapes me at the moment) surprised me as I thought you had hired Tim Curry to do voice work, which would be awesome! I mean they guy you had help you with these voices did a superb job and I honestly loved hearing them put on quite a performance.

As for writing, I honestly like the theming as that enemy of nylocke reminds me of so many of the people that I had met on skype or wherever. A great morjity of them always assumed things left and right and didn't bother to listen to thhe other guy's side. Plus looking Blessing's review I must say that while the defeat wasn't really motivated much I guess the devil guy probably got sick of hearing the other guy complain or he was probably more powerful than his controller was and thus ends up killing him. That last part I mentioned ALWAYS happened in DBZ and so many other shows where there was a plot point in which someone was controlling someone powerful. I dunno.

I just enjoyed watching this, dude. Keep it up.

I feel like this turned in to a bit of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure at one point. Am I the only one?

Awesome voice acting, awesome animation, a rather plotless encounter with dubious moral... but plenty of strong personalities. I like the DBZ-style of that demon, the continuous flow of words and fights, the always-present tension and the main characters constant optimism. Keep it going!