Reviews for "The Legend of Nylocke"

I'm kinda wierded out by how the Demon king is out of character... By being in character...
Eh, fuck it, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Pretty cool. Makes Nylocke a really deep Character

I love the new rivalry (and the facial hair), but sadly, demonking's voice acting is a bit... lengthy. a bit drawn out. the characterization is great and all, but he just takes forever talking.

Also, wasn't he supposed to be a bit more on the 'im just some guy' side, and not really a roleplayer? ah, whatever.

That was just perfect, not what i was expecting at all.
It kept me interested and paying full attention the whole time, not once did i want to look away or close the window. The animation was superb and voice acting is incredible as always. Look forward to seeing more.

So that's how he got the beard? LoL

Awesome. Even the twist was well entertaining.