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Reviews for "-FlyBoy&GabberGirl-"

Isn't this the song for 2.0? Or is it just staying a mystery? Lol, over than that great song dude. Five stars

Fantastic! Fits the style you wanted, that's for sure!

Wow!!! Very nice! You can hear some elements of your old songs in there, as other people are saying.
a.k.a. Jumper (Happy) Endgame (with the sound effects) and Clutterfunk (also with sound effects)!
I can't wait for Update 2.0 in Geometry Dash and see what awesome song you made!

wu w wu wu wuw uw suwwuw XD best impression of this song ever 420/360 ign this song is extremely catchy and happy great work m8 :D

i rated 4 1/2 by accident