Reviews for "Caved In 2"

Cool game and concept, but I always remove 1 star is you don't put a mute button in your game, even more so if the music is a loop of 45sec.

I also have some minor problem with the color pallet choice, the difference between the dirt and the background is not clear enough for me.

SHiLLySiT responds:

Mute option added!

I like the idea, but i almost cannot tell where i'm going as the dirt wall and ground looks too alike. the torch gives light is great, but the radius is so small.

This Game + BURIED THE MUISCAL = The Best Underground Gameplay

This looks like a poorly made minecraft rip-off.

I don't see where the Minecraft comparisons are coming in. It involves digging blocks, yes, but it's not a creative mode, you're not building things, and it's not open world. It's an entertaining score-based game that's more akin to a rogue-like.

That said, I've seen two potential bugs so far. I picked up a mineral scanner and it didn't show anything, but on the same screen, I found two gems and some coal. I've also had cave-ins directly next to mining supports twice. Do mining supports simply make cave-ins less likely? In my experience playing the game, they absolutely do not provide complete safety next to them.

SHiLLySiT responds:

Scanners bug fixed and supports are now working properly!