Reviews for "Caved In 2"

I'll agree with others in saying that this is a nice game. However, I have come across a few things that I'd like to bring attention to.


- After getting the ale and after it began to wear off, I found myself unable to mine (whenever I'd hold down the mining button, the mining sound could be heard and a small crack in the blocks would form, but nothing would happen). It is possible that something else happened that made this happen, but I am not sure. (I got the ale again in another play through and the glitch didn't occur).
- I came across a sapphire necklace and the game refused to let me pick it up.


- The hitboxes are a little too specific in the fact that I only had an extremely small portion of my body near a collapsing square and I died (though this is a lot better than the opposite where the hit boxes are too big)
- The miner must also be lined up pretty specifically to a passageway to get through. This becomes hinders when a cave-in is occurring and you are trying to get out of the way.
- I was upset that I couldn't go back up the ladder. Why not just add that in that the player descend and ascend levels?
- The torches really don't do anything except light up a 5x5 square (the distance the miner can see is 3x3 it isn't an extremely good thing to use unless you want to mark specific areas. Perhaps if they blinded some enemies (like the blue guy) and kept them at bay then they'd be more helpful.
- It seems that once the spider is on top of you, there is nothing you can do to escape.

Still, don't let this take away from the good.


- The music matches the feeling of the game very well. It is spooky and mysterious. Very good job.
- I love all of the collectables that the miner can gather.
- Although you cannot kill the enemies except through cave-ins, lava, and possibly (some might see this as a limitation, especially since these things can also kill the miner), but I see it as adding a mechanic of panic and desperation to the gameplay, which is also why I think the music fits. (Also, what is more desperate than causing a cave-in to protect yourself that could at the same time kill you).
- The controls are responsive and other than the two I mentioned, I have found no glitches.
- I found four different kinds of enemies, each with their own job and abilities. Very good job making unique enemies.
- I like how you explained the game in "how to play". It reminded me of the JetPack game instructions, only shorter.
- The game has great replay value since each cave is randomly generated.

Great job and I look forward to your next game.

NICE GAME Nice game

A very fun and addicting game!

really good and very fun too 4.5 stars

this was putten SO MUTCH WORK JUST REALY FOR A PIXEL GAME u naild it u should just make ur own game like a 9,99 game just realy