Reviews for "Caved In 2"

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I'm sure this game is fun. It's probably wonderful. But I cannot play games with no sound control. It's frustrating, and I can't stand it. And it's not like this game has extremely subtle or quiet sounds, it's constant clinking and dripping and...Guh. I can't play it.

While the premise is interesting, the execution is marred by poor gameplay. The graphics, music, and sound effects are all quite nice and really set the right kind of ambiance. Unfortunately, the simple ideas of rescuing damsels, mining for ore and gems, and finding treasure are all made infinitely more complex and far less pleasant by frustratingly unpredictable and seemingly unstoppable enemy AI.

For one thing, without strategically placing candles or finding the extremely short-lived mining helmets (weakest batteries ever), you can't even see what's lurking in the darkness. This might not be so bad with a larger or unlimited number of candles at your disposal, but to really improve things there should be at least a little light to see by in order to avoid the all-too-frequent cheap death.

The best strategy would seemingly be to create blockades so that enemy creatures cannot reach you, but this is virtually impossible in most instances since you can't even see them, so you die. You just can't create multiple blocks where you need them quickly or efficiently enough, openings in the walls can be difficult to differentiate from the floor since so much is brown, and if the enemy is already occupying the space where you need to place a block, well...it doesn't end well.

The enemies have no predictable AI that allows for strategy, and instead simply home in on where you are and stay right on top of you until you're turned into a pile of pixelated bones. The spiders are probably the most annoying in this regard, and they definitely resulted in the highest number of cheap deaths across my total plays.

Ultimately, I'm going right down the middle with a score of 2.5 out of 5 because, while it has a lot of potential to be a fun and interesting game, it also needs a lot of refinement before it can shine. Nothing damages the enjoyment of a game more than inherently flawed gameplay. The's really nothing fundamentally wrong with the mechanics, but the relentlessly unavoidable enemy AI and apparent fact that you cannot fight back in any way is regrettably quite damaging. Conversely, I found the music and sound effects to be the most impressive selling points. The sprites and animations are also good.

Needs a controls tutorial, a better interface, some kind of weapons interaction for the monsters. Good enough graphics to get the point across.

If you added further explanation, it would be great.