Reviews for "Caved In 2"

This game needs some kind of check point or saving system that wont take away your torches every time you die or the torches need to shine farther because you cant see crap past a few sqaures. Also can you change the brick placment button to something on the key board, a right click is a pain in the a**.

I really enjoy this, even with its faults. I do wish the spiders were easier to escape, so you'd get a chance, since the other enemies are fairly easy to escape. The bear dashes in a line and demolishes blocks, so easy to avoid, the bomb blasts within 2 squares, and the little purple thing only takes your candles. The problems to me are the water spreading too fast, even though you can't see it, and two glitches. One: I am randomly able to save the damsel's without even seeing them. Two: After a while, mining becomes impossible. It makes the noise, shows a crack, but makes no progress.

Just like minecraft.

nice game like minecraft, though the only way to kill monsters is through cave in >.< 4.5 stars for me :D

Good concept. I give A+ for effort. However the game needs a difficulty balance with the cave ins, the monsters, and you need to change some of the colors around. I could barely distinguish between the floor and dirt. Even after reading the help, I went in feeling blind.