Reviews for "Lost Outpost"


intro was cool but Cinimasins and Sigourney Weaver and gonna be mad you stole their sounds

really good,but the fact that it always crashes on loading of 5th lvl made me give you 4 stars

Fantastic. But this series can only truly get big if it gets coop and multiplayer, on steam maybe one day?

Squize responds:

Well we're on Greenlight, and every vote we get helps so much ( The link is on the log screen in the PDA ).
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't get too far, since I am playing on my lunch hour, but this is just as great as the last game. I do have a few requests though. :)

1) When you access the New Haven panel, have a computerized voice reading off the menus. Just for that sci-fi flair.

2) Maybe a short animated, background story for the mission theme of the next game?

3) Or maybe try a Pet Sentry, where it is built on a dog chassis. Weapons on it could be upgraded and enhanced through the Haven panels like any other weapon. But as a catch, the Pet would have a life bar, and instead of health ups, there would be Repair Modules to pickup. Give it 2 or 3 lives like the player, and if it's dead, it's dead for good.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Squize responds:

Love the ideas mate, but time / money and all that. We've got enough ideas that we had to drop for this one to make a start on Outpost 3 tomorrow ( But we're not, no more aliens for a little while ).