Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

Amazingly fun but I think there is a glitch in the Swarm missions. I bought some ammo for the flamethrower, then when I went back to the shop to buy some more it was already filled. I could just go to the shop and leave and have ammo.
It would also be a good idea to note that you can only have one turret, I wasted 13000 on a second then found out I couldn't do anything with it.

Squize responds:

Thanks for pointing those bugs out, we'll look into it ( You shouldn't be able to buy more than one sentry gun, so I'm not sure what happened there ).

this is a really cool game but im having trouble with something

Fucking sweet, loved Outpost Haven

Very good shooter. Has nice Lens Flare and effects. DELICIOUS GAME!

i full screened, then hit escape later on to un-fullscreen it and the game screen was then just black. no way to see or do anything

amazing game though.

Squize responds:

Yeah sorry about that, I've updated the description to warn people about that.