Reviews for "GARDINI"

WOW THATS COOL!! BEST GAME EVER!!! rhys510... ur games are the best! U ARE THE BEST! THANK U!

rhys510 responds:

thanks im glad you enjoy them :P

This game is rather addicting to play, but there's quite a few problems with it, including the fact that, at random times, your character will completely freeze and not move until you reset the game. Also, you cannot get the "defeat stage boss with full HP" medals unless you have all the HP upgrades. Farming orbs is also very tedious, since the game gives you so little for damaging the boss. The secret area is also in a rather obscure place.

There are also some weird problems with jumping on the little enemies' heads when double-jumping.

If this game was polished up, didn't really lag on the last boss, and had some better cues for boss attacks, this game would have a significantly higher rating.

I do like the music transition when reaching the third boss stage, though, and like I said, the game is very addicting to play, despite the bugs and flaws.

rhys510 responds:

thanks i was still learning to code at this point - thanks for the feedback - il check if i still have the files for this and look into fixing the bugs :)

Un bon petit jeu de Boss kill très proche du jeu Sandwitch Vs Bagel mais cependant il existe quelques petits problèmes de maniabilité et de hitbox. Par exemple pourquoi ne puis-je pas frapper en sautant ou encore ramper ou frapper quand on se baisse? Cela pourrait être très pratique. L'ensemble est également un peu mou et le personnage un peu raide (un petit bouton de pause serait également le bienvenu). Malgré tout cela, le système d'upgrade donne vraiment envie de continuer et d'investir du temps dans ce jeu qui reste bien agréable.

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83ottDqzKLg

Generally a great job! Enjoyable, fully playable, you can even "create" interesting attack actions while jumping, maybe it's not Tekken or something like that, but it's still cool ;-) Only two remarks:
1. Why there is no pause button in the game?
2. A bit annoying is the fact that every time you die you have to start from the beginning.

rhys510 responds:

space bar to pause but its a debug pause :P

and thanks :D

it's kind of like sandwich vs bagel but with weapons and minions

rhys510 responds:

yea it uses an upgraded version of the engine that i made :P