Reviews for "GARDINI"

I hate bug when i dash and attacked from boss or minion

It can't control

rhys510 responds:

Iv patched this just wait until newgrounds finishes uploading the new file :P

It's just lazy to have a boss with no levels. You essentially do the same thing over and over again in order to buy upgrades from the shop. Why is this better than simply being able to beat the boss immediately? Then, you would have more space for actual levels, and a story.
The music is quite good and the game runs well when it doesn't break, though.

rhys510 responds:

Im constantly updating the game because im getting bug reports so there is a new version up now and i like boss battles, they are usually the thing with the most uniqueness to them.

thanks :D

so many freaking problems with this game, half the time it wont let me move the other half it does everything by itself.

rhys510 responds:

iv sorted the freeze glitch and what does what by its self?

Well...I have to say that the game is not bad, but, it has so many wrong things going on as well, glitches, bugs, etc.
Well lets go to the point where I review your game:
-Game Mechanics.
-Battle Mechanics.
-Music and Sound Effects.
-Game Features.

My score will go from 0-10.

Story = 8
(Simple and short, even with the Author Comments you can understand fast what is going on, thought I expected something a bit deeper, but as this the story is short, so there cant be a larger development, at least it was extended).

-Game Mechanics = 5 [This score was affected by Game Features]
(The controls are a bit generic and easy to control, thought it becomes a bit boring sometimes after you die at first because of the unexpected problems, that can occur at any moment and plus the pause option is horrible and brings a lot of pain later in the game).

-Battle Mechanics = 2 [This score was affected as well by Game Features]
(This is a very important part of any game that is based on fights. Well there is a point that you can say -"Ok, it's only one little glitch or bug, it happens in any game."- But there is always a limit, because anyone can get confused because... games that have a lot of errors are not very fun or just ruin expectations, that's why a game must have a full analysis to prevent from huge errors to the most tiny [thought again there can be little errors but always have to be fixed], here are some errors, bugs, glitches I found during the game:

1. To the sky: When jumping like crazy over minions you have a rare chance to find yourself just flying for eternity out of the game, forcing you to restart the game.

2. Hitbox in jumps: This on jumps is not very well placed, thought its very weird to actually identify this error, its juts random luck.

3. Freeze!!!: Sometimes any hit can paralyze you and prevent you from moving any further [it's weird when it happens (no its not the dash one), if this happens... expect dead].

4. Dashing to the Dead: Using dash and get a hit by boss when its attacking you can cause an instant freeze (Any form of the boss) and that includes when you get in to the boss intro sequence and when minions attack you, dashing Is useful yeah...when you don't get frozen like a snowman.

5. Minion Abduction: Well this one is funny because, sometimes when minions appear there is a chance they disappear in just 3 hits or before you actually kill them.

6. Shield is not responding...*SHUT DOWN*: Sometimes when the boss is in his second form, you can actually hit him and deal damage without touching the shield or hit him and the shield to deal damage to both of them.

This are some of those horrible things I saw in your game.)

-Music and Sound Effects = 7
(Not bad, music is good and it doesn't get annoying but after long times pass, yeah it can get a bit boring and some sound effects get sometimes a distortion)

-Game Features= 0
(When the game features are not working as it should, any other good aspect of the game dies:

=Dash breaks the game.

=Double Jump can break the game.

=Pause To Break The Game: I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be in battle mechanics but well, when you are in a battle if you pause the game sometimes the boss disappears, or the minions disappear or if you pause the game before you enter the next boss form it breaks, making the boss disappear and only making the life bar visible (You can do nothing, you don't get damaged or you give damage) and sometimes you freeze (Ironic right?)
=Mute Feature is broken (First Boss Form-> Muted -> Second Boss Form-> Not so muted -> Third Boss Form-> Not muted anymore)

=Even thought the Mask part if fun, I cant enjoy it if I know it wont do any difference with the bugs, glitches or give me something extra during the game). )

-Graphics = 7
(Good, but I don't count it much unless is amazingly stunning [In pixelated games I don't give much attention because graphics don't make a game, the gameplay does])

All of this gives a total of 1.16 of 5 stars.
I was expecting more from this game, too many errors ruin the experience, thought at the start was fun, but when bugs and glitches started to appear, all the joy became something empty. As always: Making more time to analysis and to think of ideas can make any game a fun and a more amazing experience.
But here are my suggestions:

-Do a better analysis.
-Fix all the glitches and bugs.
-Fix the pause.
-Fix the mute.

That's all the advice I can give you, the idea was solid and good, the masks and skills where good ideas as well, but if the battle and game features are broken or not really useful there is nothing much you can do.
I know anyone can make mistakes and I know you can do something better, just keep improving and learning and you will get where you want, best of luck and keep getting better each time.

rhys510 responds:

I read through this and i love how you have scored it even know its low - iv now fixed most glitches and im still going to see what il be doing for the pause menu. The freezing bug has been removed and so has most of the others :). Im not sure what you meant by do a better analysis but if that's to do with improving the story then im afraid nothing will change because i wanted a short and sweet intro to show whats happening then to go into the gameplay :P

thanks :D

To add to the 'Dash Freeze' glitch I just wanted to say that the NG Medals for completing a stage with full HP don't work either. Just to be precise, I have only completed the first stage with full HP and so I cannot give you a bug report with Stage 2 & 3.

Otherwise, would've a little more fun as a side-scroller than just fighting a 3 stage boss, which one ends up grinding to buy everything from the imaginary shop.

rhys510 responds:

I have fixed the medal and what do you mean by imaginary shop XD

thanks :D