Reviews for "GARDINI"

Really annoying and frustrating game. Most attacks are so easy to dodge they might as well not exist, but the boss likes summoning enemies that are incredibly easy but take way too long to defeat and can trap you in a corner bouncing on their heads unless you start moving towards the corner which for some reason makes you bounce away from the corner; once you defeat every enemy, the boss will let you get a few hits in, then summon more. The totems on the third form can't be hit sometimes because of weird hitboxes, and the first form is arbitrarily invulnerable during its attacks. The boss' forms don't really get more difficult, either; the first two are simultaneously very easy yet very frustrating, and the last form which can't summon enemies and is just easy. The chest with orbs in it is mostly pointless and its existence confuses me. Overall I can't say I enjoyed myself for a single moment while playing this game, I just finished it to see the ending, and that was incredibly underwhelming.

It's a fun little game, and I played through it several times. To the point, in fact, that I had beat stage 1 & 2 without taking damage. I never managed to beat the third stage, not because I lacked the skill or the know-how, but because I -repeatedly- would freeze after dashing, forcing me to start all over again. That particular glitch has not been removed, and it's frustrating to know that I am fully capable of beating it (perhaps even beating all three stages without taking damage) but can't because of a glitch.

Aside from that, it is a good game. Kudos!

The game is actually alright and playable, but please, just do some save points. To fight every time the same Boss over and over again just to die after the next one is so frustrating. It's just not that fun to do for example the first boss more than 15x.
Correct me if I just missed the savepoints. ;)

Great start for a game. I ran into a bug where the boss repeated the first stage again after I killed him, he was mid attack and that might be the problem. After I killed him again he vanished. I had to wait until he summoned minions to kill me. Also, the minions should drop coins or something. It's really annoying to hit the boss twice, he summons minions, I kill him, and then repeat.

I can't upgrade my sword any farther, i got to the stone sword, bought it, then it said the next available sword is the stone sword again, i saved up the orbs, bought the stone sword again, and same thing, with no increase in damage. id like to beat the game, but i don't want to continue with diminished damage capabilities

rhys510 responds:

il look into that right away :)