Reviews for "GARDINI"

This sucks on ice!

The animation was good and fluid.
They level style was unique.
The story didn't have much to it, but this looks like you were experimenting.
You can just hit space bar and hit shot to keep getting chest coins without fighting.
It was an overall good game, but the upgrades took so long to get.
Because of all this it lost my attention, otherwise its good.
It would be smart to increase output of orbs in chest and/or monster (have small monsters drop)
Or to make things cost less

The enemies need to seriously be weaker. The weapon only does better damage against the boss and I often find dealing with them harder than the massive one himself. Also, you might want to look into the control freeze glitch again. And is the flash on the screen really necessary for being damaged. Still a fun game, these are just my little nitpicks.

+ nice graphics
+ ok sound
+ decent controls
- weak upgrades
= a cute, but not really rewarding game

This games gets boring really fast, and it's pretty much entirely because of how the "Enemy X" enemies behave.
- Weapon upgrades seem to only scale damage against the boss, but not against the enemies.
- They take forever to destroy, and until they are gone, the boss is in hiding.
- They hit really hard. Harder than the boss.
- They give no orbs!
- The player character jumps off of them at a weird angle. You often end up counter-intuitively cornered.

it's a good game but has some tecnical problems using the shiny sword i jumped and my character disapeared and at once i had to kill the same boss twice , also minions appear so often and it's kindda anoying