Reviews for "GARDINI"

it's a very short and difficult game but extremely fun

So easy to farm orbs. I just stayed at the screen with the treasure box, opened it and took the orbs, then paused and went to the shop and in the shop I pressed play game. Brought me back to treasure box screen, opened it and took the orbs..rinse and repeat. Please fix it..

Why would the first boss in the game take so long to beat? Why do you have this beginners trap right here at the start? Why are the smaller enemies so strong? Why? Why? This game is a half-baked attempt at a side-scrolling hack and slash. I tried and tried and I gave up because it was taking so long just to get the upgrades necessary to beat the "boss." No imagination, little effort in making this anything worth playing. It sucks.

cool game, but you had ridiculous glitches. every time i started bouncing on an enemy, there was a 50% chance i would get stuck entirely immobile and either get backed into an endless loop where i was stuck in a corner bouncing off of the wall endlessly, or i would die immediately. also: once when i crouched, it didnt stay down for more than just the initial half second or so, and i was killed by a laser beam.
i'd really look forward to playing a more polished version of this game.

cute idea, BAD implementation. Unresponsive controls, boss with invincibility while attacking, those little guyz are just pain in the butt, cause once they start hitting you, you're pretty much dead