Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

This had some really good atmosphere is just screamed that something terrible was going to start killing people and you did great hiding it in the shadows. I was a little let down at what the monster was it being a lizard-man of sorts it was like the true form of Pennywise(It) the clown being more horrifying than the spider-like monster he really is. I find the formless ever changing monsters tend to be the most scary take the necromorphs from Dead Space and mostly the Monster from The Thing that sucker till this day is personally the most scary SOB to me. But regardless of what I think it was still a great piece you've made the volume to the voicing was pretty well, the movement was fluid, and the timing you had on the foreshadowing was well thought out to keep people jumpy. You did great and I hope to see more from you.

Nice video but monsters look like crocodils But IS NICE :D vote 5

i like how stickpage is awesome and how their stick animations are boss

yes really awesome keep making more i would love to see more

This is one of the most exciting things I have seen in here for a while. You deserve all 5 stars

Specked responds:

:o thanks man, wait till you see the second episode! haha