Reviews for "Sonic lost world in minut"


Dude, Roger's been doing this shit for like, 10 years now, I think? Art style, animation, and everything. Just wanted to be clear on that point. He's not mimicking anyone.

Anyhow, nice to see your uploads now and then, Roger. I had a nice blast to the past - See you next year, lol <3

It really looks and feels like you're trying to imitate Kirbopher with this art style.

And that's NOT a good thing, I always disliked how sloppy his art looked, and it looks like your following in his footsteps. Some art is more stylish than pretty, but this comes off as if there was very little effort put into it.

Sonic has been done to death, so if your going to enter one of the fields that are oversaturated, you really have to have a new take on something in it, "haha look at how fast sanic is, doh he crashed into something" isn't a unique take on the series, neither is tails being annoying or eggman being incompetent.

Yeah sorry, besides rather bad animation, the worst part is how forced the comedy is pushed on this. The voices just ar enot good for this at all. Sorry this is nothing new, just another generic poor sonic parody. Who gives a fuck about sonic anymore past the sega games anyways?

Funny! I enjoyed it.

1.This lasted more than a minute.
2. While the Game sucks shitty balls your parody was unfunny and lame nothing personal but just being honest.