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Reviews for "Sonic lost world in minut"

I didn't dislike it the way some people are but I can see where they are coming from. Either way, I enjoyed this video since some parts were funny but it was kind of... long. So yeah, good stuff but went south after a minute or so

- Draftsmanship isn't too impressive. Characters require more solid construction.
- Too much tweening
- Bad lip sync
- Videogame humor is almost never funny

Some people just can't appreciate Roger's animations and that's their loss, I grew up with this guy starting with his Sonic Madness series and it is one of the biggest influences in my entire drawing career, I wouldn't be the same without this guy :)

Pretty good, there were a few unfunny bits but the beginning and the final few minutes were just hilarious. It's nice to see to see something like this from you again, reminded me of the Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Riders parodies you made ages ago. Good times. :)


Dude, Roger's been doing this shit for like, 10 years now, I think? Art style, animation, and everything. Just wanted to be clear on that point. He's not mimicking anyone.

Anyhow, nice to see your uploads now and then, Roger. I had a nice blast to the past - See you next year, lol <3