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Reviews for "Street Fighter X Sonic 2"

This is fucking amazing man. Pretty underrated imo! I'd definitely love to see more in the future! Can't wait to see where you take this series!

Okay I cannot comprehend what is going on in the versus mode but I can tell this. The game is awkward with the controls and the game itself glitches out...A LOT! Although I'll give you credit on the idea behind this, its a pretty good idea but it is loosely translated into this game. Just to be clear one more time, this game is awkward and confusing.

MetaMike responds:

I think you just need to get better internet man

best game ever

Beyond Incredible,Better than anything I've ever played!!!! I have been jumping from game to game on Newgrounds but nothing quite satisfied me like this game did. I got sooo much more then I expected and wanted. Not only a Fighter/brawler but an adventure/puzzle/rpg!? Holy shit this is truely bigger then anything anyones done before. PLEASE Keep up the fantastic work MetaMike! Can't wait to see what this series has to offer us in the future! You've got a new loyal fan right here :D that's for sure!