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Reviews for "Street Fighter X Sonic 2"

Whats the serial identification code

Good game. For all of those people below me who say negative things, don't worry. There are always noobs who can't get past the first level. I love you.

I guess I'll do a review for both of them. As far as the animation, the sprites are pretty ugly. I know you said you were using flash 8, but even with that, I think you could do better at getting more fluid movements. Speaking of fluid, the controls are very choppy. And why is it that knuckles can't jump, especially with unavoidable hazards on the battle field that won't go away? If you going to make a game with multiple different playable characters, then you should sit down and come up with a consistent set of moves for each. Maybe the street fighters characters can focus more on fighting while the sonic chars are more for running events. The story is okay so far, I'm interested to see what happens next.

I really want to fully like this game, but the framerate makes me kinda mad. But the game is really great, especially since it is only your 2nd. Just boost the framerate and maybe some new attacks or things like that.

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